Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology # 3 (44), 2012


Pdf_ico Alatartsev S. O., Makarov D. A. About Some Features of the Algorithm of Artificial Swarm Organization in Space
Pdf_ico Bordonskiy G. S. The Possibility of Observing Mechanical Stress in Ice Covers by the Radiolocation Method
Pdf_ico Viytovich O. I., Teleshov V. G. Analysis of Solar Energy Reaching the Earth’s Surface with the Use of Statistical Data of the Trans-Baikal Climatic Conditions
Pdf_ico Voronin M. S., Merzhievsky L. A. Modeling Shock-wave Deformation of Epoxy Resin
Pdf_ico Gilfanov A. K., Kalashnikov A. A., Stepanov N. P. Studying Anisotropy of Plasma Resonance in Solid Solutions of Bismuth Telluride and Antimony Telluride in the Infrared Spectrum at Temperatures Ranging from 78 to 293 K
Pdf_ico Gizelter R. A. Physical-Mechanical Properties of ”RubCon”
Pdf_ico Gurimskaya I. A. Solving the Dirichlet Problem in the Inhomogeneous Half-plane
Pdf_ico Davidenko G. M. Solving Boundary Value Problems on the Plane with Parallel Lines of Permeability Discontinuity in Classical and Generalized Conjugation Conditions
Pdf_ico Efimova I. A. On the Efficient Solution of the First Boundary Value Problems in Piecewise Homogeneous Circular Domains
Pdf_ico Zabelin S. F., Zelensky V. A. Kinetics Features of Nanocrystallization of Amorphous Metal Materials at Non-stationary Modes of Thermal Influence
Pdf_ico Ignatyeva N. V. Solving the Neumann Problem in Piecewise-homogeneous Curved Areas with a Weakly Permeable Film as a Beam
Pdf_ico Lyamina O. S. On Norms of Baskakov Trigonometric Operators
Pdf_ico Mentcher A. E. On the Arbitration Procedure in Three Points with Power Payoff Function
Pdf_ico Nemov S. A., Shelimova L. E., Blagikh N. M. Estimating the Parameters of the Band Spectrum and Scattering Mechanisms in PbSb2T e4 : Cu
Pdf_ico Nosalskaya T. E. Majority Rule in the Problem of the Best Choice for Three Persons
Pdf_ico Nutchina-Pestryakova N. V. Solving Boundary Value Problems in Piecewise Homogeneous Regions with Double-layer Film Inclusions
Pdf_ico Orlov A. O., Lukyanov P. Yu. Determining Microwave Characteristics of Nanostructured Materials by the Resonator Method with a Partially Filled Cavity
Pdf_ico Potekho A. O. To the Question of Presenting the Sum of the Sedate Row on the Border of the Convergence Circle
Pdf_ico Stepanov N. P., Nalivkin V. Yu. Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility of Solid Solutions of (Bi2−xSbx)Te3 (0 < x < 1)in the Temperature Range from 2 to 50 K
Pdf_ico Tokareva Yu. S. Estimating the Parameters of the Arbitration Procedure with Incomplete Information
Pdf_ico Tolpaev V. A., Kolesnikov A. V. A New Method of Constructing Transition Formulas for the Solution of Filtration Problemsin Isotropic Inhomogeneous Layers
Pdf_ico Trukhina L. I. Allocation Principle for the Communication Game
Pdf_ico Fu-Cai Liu, Shu-En Wang, Jin-Mei Dou An Improved Fuzzy Identification Method Based on Box-Cox Data Transformation
Pdf_ico Kholodovskii V. E., Sidorov A. A. Energy Flow and Force Reaction to the Emission of the Intra-atomic Dipole
Pdf_ico Kholodovskii S. E. Solving Boundary Value Problems in Cylinders with Multilayer Film Inclusion
Pdf_ico Kholodovskii S. E., Davidenko G. M. The Solution of Boundary Value Problems in Piecewise Homogeneous Cylinders with Two Parallel Screens
Pdf_ico Shadrina N. N. Solving Third Boundary Value Problems in Piecewise-homogeneous Half-plane with a Crack (Screen)