Philosophy, Culturology, Sociology, Social Work # 4 (45), 2012

Cultural studies

Pdf_ico Alekseeva G. V. Breath of Byzantium in the Russian Singing Tradition: the Question of the Semantics of Musical Formulas Names (Based on the Singing Alphabet-soglasnik BAN 32.16.18)
Pdf_ico Arzumanov I. A., Kamedina L. V. Spiritual Culture and Issues of Religious Tolerance in the Trans-Asian Context .
Pdf_ico Baranov V. А. Design Culture and Activity Approach to Its Research
Pdf_ico Gavrilenko T. A. Natural and Philosophical Contexts of the Creative Phenomenon in “Pure Art” Supporters’ Consciousness
Pdf_ico Elantseva O. P. The Literature and Art Almanac of the Primorsky Region: Pages of History
Pdf_ico Kirsanova L. I. Wandering in the World of Things (Features of Joseph Brodsky’ Poetics)
Pdf_ico Kozlov N. I. The Formation of Musical Consciousness in Modern Socio-cultural Conditions of the Subject’s Needs and Interests

Pdf_ico Varakina M. I. The Formation of the National Idea of Chinese Ecological Culture
Pdf_ico Drobyshevsky V. S. Russian Law in Light of the Synergetic Approach
Pdf_ico Zasukhina V. N. The Socio-axiological Role of Bioethics in Science and Life of Modern Society
Pdf_ico Zakharova E. Yu. Socio-natural Ecosystem: Contents and Controlling Mechanisms
Pdf_ico Ivanova Yu. V., Ivanova O. V. Social Harmony in Modern Network Society
Pdf_ico Sergeyev D. V. Attributes and Characteristics of Cultural Sense
Pdf_ico Subbotina N. D. Justice – Envy – Revenge Triad as a Result of Natural and Social Evolution