Philology, History, Oriental Studies (2)49/2013

Oriental Studies

Pdf_ico Bazarov A.A. Collection of Oriental Books of the Zabaikalsky Krai Museum of Local Lore
Pdf_ico Vanchikova T.P. To the Question of Genghis Khan Veneration: Based on The White History
Pdf_ico Guseynov M.A. Actual Content of Dagestan Pre-Revolutionary literature (Based on Manay Alibekov’s Poetry)
Pdf_ico Kuras L.V. Mongolia in World War II: Modern Russian - Mongolian Historiography
Pdf_ico Magomedov M.A. Some Syntactic Functions of Common and Locative Cases in the Avar Language
Pdf_ico Rinchinov O.S. On Religious Situation in Taiwan
Pdf_ico Tsybenova Ch.S. On Language Competence of the Tuvans (Results of Sociolinguistic Survey)
Pdf_ico Shikhalieva S.Kh. On Spheres of the Dagestan Literary Languages Functioning
Pdf_ico Tsendmaa Enkhchimeg Mongolisms in Babur-Nama
Pdf_ico Eyl’bart N.V. Campaign of Sigismund III to Moscow in Polish Documents of Riksarkivet


Pdf_ico Gazinskaya Y.V. Topic as a Basic Element of Political Reality Construction in Ukraine in the Discourse of Russian and Ukrainian Mass Media
Pdf_ico Erofeeva I.V. Freedom of Speech as a Concept of Modern Media Text
Pdf_ico Parakhnevich E.V. Virtual Discourse of Journal Put’: Interactivity and Hypertextuality
Pdf_ico Plevako S.V. Poetics in House, M. D. TV series (USA, 2004–2012): Narrative, Mythology, Pragmatics
Pdf_ico Ponomareva E.V., Sem’yan T.F. Media Project Snob in Modern Information Environment

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Abrosimova O.L. V International Scientific Conference “Text Interpretation: Linguistic, Literary and Methodical Aspects”
Pdf_ico Akhmetova G.D., Gorkovenko A.E., Petukhov S.V. International Conference “Russian Linguistics and Literary Criticism – 2012” (Taipei, Taiwan)
Pdf_ico Voronova L.V. II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Russian in Modern China” (April 11–12, 2012, Hailar, China)

Professional Education

Pdf_ico Akishina A.A., Tryapel’nikov A.A. Media Image of Russian in Textbooks of Russian as a Foreign Language on the Basis of the Internet Resources (Digital Pedagogical Technologies)
Pdf_ico Akhmetova M.N., Khan E.Y. Subject Line in the Educational Area “Philology” as Associative Space of Designing Meta-Subject Actions of Junior Schoolchildren
Pdf_ico Ivanova T.M. The System of Exercises in Class of Russian as a Foreign Language (Based on Work Experience)

Russian Philology

Pdf_ico Anciferova N.B. Language picture of the text as reflection of author's model of the world (on a material of the memoirs story "Grandmother" B. Akhmadullina's)
Pdf_ico Ahmetova G.D. Live poetry: traditions and Nikolay Savostin's innovation
Pdf_ico .Verkhozin S.S. On the issue of linguo-theoretical basics of authorship attribution methods
Pdf_ico Golovanova E.I. Change of tonality and dominant images in Ural poetry of new time
Pdf_ico Dmitrienko O.A. Entomologically marked and ecstatic landscapes as V. Nabokov’s poetic disclosure
Pdf_ico Liu Guo Ping Compositional Development of the Text (Based on Boris Pil’nyak’s Novel Mahogany in Comparison with the Chinese Translation)
Pdf_ico Motorkova I.V. Compositional linguistic area of a modern Russian novel
Pdf_ico Tokarchuk I.N. Features of Functioning of the Particle ДАЖЕ (Dazhe) in Scientific (Medical) Text

Language and Culture

Pdf_ico Bukina E.I. Gender stereotypes in language and discourse
Pdf_ico Butyl’skaya L.V. Sociocultural Phenomenon of the Postcard (As Exemplified by a Russian Wedding Postcard)
Pdf_ico Volkova T.I. Foreign Vocabulary Assimilation Process from the Standpoint of Psycholinguistics
Pdf_ico Golovanov I.A. A. Platonov’s Artistic Text through the Prism of Real and Folk History
Pdf_ico Ivanova I.I. The Incentive Intention in the English Statements about Dream
Pdf_ico Kulikova M.G. Copyright Woks: Constitutive and Distinctive Features
Pdf_ico Pivovarova M.A. The Concept of ‘Salvation’ and its Figurative, Discursive Text Implementation in Artistic Text (Based on the Novel Lot Iz Sodoma by Ruslan Kireev)