Vocational Education, Theory and Methods of Education

Theory and methods of continuous education and further training

Pdf_ico Vaganova V. I., Malunova G. S. Teachers’ Preparing to the Implementation of Innovative Processes in Pre-University Vocational Education
Pdf_ico Kolokolova N. I. Methods of Teachers Training for Innovation Activity in the Condition of Professional Skill Mastering
Pdf_ico Miroshnichenko V. V. Creating the System of Continuous Ethno-Regional Teachers’ Training: Problem Discussion
Pdf_ico Miroshnichenko V. V. Miroshnichenko V. V.
Pdf_ico Kholmogorova E. I., Manukhina O. V. Development of Information System “Research Work of Higher Education Institution Teaching Staff
Pdf_ico Cherkashina T. V. Professional Self-Perfection of a Higher School’s Teacher as a Subject of Self-Cognitive Activity
Pdf_ico Shirokova I. E. The Cluster Approach Usage in the Training of Teachers in Institutions of Continuous Professional Education

Pdf_ico Gusevskaya N. Yu. Evolution of Methods in Foreign Language Teaching
Pdf_ico Eremina V. M. Use of Problem-Solving Tasks in the Process of Teaching Fiction Reading in a Foreign Language
Pdf_ico Smolyakova E. E. The Program of Teaching Subject’s Formation by Means of Advertising Texts in the Russian Language Teaching
Pdf_ico Taraskina Ya. V. Foreign Languages Teaching in Germany: Past and Present
Pdf_ico Shakhova T. M. The Cognitive and Regulatory ULA Formation by the Means of Thematic and Reflective Language Portfolio

Pdf_ico Biryukova A. N. Forming Future Doctors’ Skills to Fulfill Professional Tasks in Trained Doctors Based on Knowledge and Skills in Physics as an Integrated Approach
Pdf_ico Bordonskaya L. A., Golobokova G. I. Workbook of University Student as a Multifunctional Didactic Means
Pdf_ico Vaganova T. G. The Development of Professional Competencies of Technical Direction Bachelors on the Basis of the Relationship of General and Special Subjects in the Information Educational Environment of the University
Pdf_ico Vinogradova N. I. Development of Competence of the Future Professional as a Self-Creation Process
Pdf_ico Drobotushenko E. V., Myasnikova G. V., Pryazhennikova M. V., Yaremchuk O. A. Activation of Students’ Cognitive Activity in the Study of History Course of the Ancient World
Pdf_ico Dugarova D. T., Chuprova D. V. Knowledge Management as an Organizational Basis for the Formation of New Relations Management in the University Educational Process
Pdf_ico Kalinina L. I. . Socially Significant Activity as a Condition of Students’ Socialization and Self-Realization
Pdf_ico Nikitenko A. V. Pedagogical Features of Effects of Mathematics Students’ Cognitive Activity on their Personal and Professional Development
Pdf_ico Radnaev B. V. Technology of Competences Formation with Distance Learning Support
Pdf_ico Rogalyov A. V. Model of the Laboratory Work on Physics in the Aspect of Development of Students’ Technical Skills in Secondary Professional Educational Institutions of Railway Transport
Pdf_ico Fedotova A. D. The System of Assessment Means as an Instrument of Formed Competence Confirmation

Theory and methods of professional pedagogical education

Pdf_ico Atamanchuk P. S., Chaykovskaya I. A. Innovation in Formation of Professional Competence of Future Teachers
Pdf_ico Vasilyev A. A. Out-Of-Class Work of Future Teacher of Vocational Training in Network Scientific and Methodical Community of the Internet
Pdf_ico Venslavskiy V. B., Kozlov M. A., Ponomaryov A. V. Pedagogical Projecting and Realization of Teacher’s Training For Electronics Teaching at School at Profession-Oriented Level
Pdf_ico Desnenko S. I., Proklova V. Yu. Continuity in Training of Bachelors (Undergraduate Students) of Physics to Carry Research Activity
Pdf_ico Cherepanova L. V. On Assessing Learning Outcomes for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in Education within Competence Paradigm