Pedagogy. Psychology

Pre-school pedagogy

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Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Sergeev D. V. The Master’s Program in France

General and social psychology

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Pedagogics of professional education

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Creativity pedagogics

Pdf_ico Degtyarev D. A., Rogova A. V. Reception in the Context of the Cultural Approach
Pdf_ico Orekhova N. V. Personal Spontaneity Structure as a Pedagogical Concept
Pdf_ico Formation of Teacher’s Professionalism Working with Gifted Children Formation of Teacher’s Professionalism Working with Gifted Children

Pedagogics of the familistic

Pdf_ico Mavrina I. A. Goal-Setting and Goal Formation in Familistic Pedagogics
Pdf_ico Semina M. V. Event-Reflexive Multidimensionality of Familistic Educational University Space

Pedagogical psychology

Pdf_ico Vinogradova N. I., Tsydypova S. D. The Professional Health Formation f Future Education Psychologist
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Modern educational technologies

Pdf_ico Zvoleyko E. V. The Implementation of Project Technologies in Preparation Practice of Bachelor – Special Psychologist
Pdf_ico Mikhalyova S. N., Ushnikova O. V. Learning Strategies Usage for Independent Work

Ecological psychology

Pdf_ico Greze E. V. Method of Development of Subject Nature Perception Within Ecological-Psychological Approach
Pdf_ico Sukhanov A. A. Theoretical Substantiation of Psychological Adaptation Characteristics of People in Ecologically Unfavorable Regions
Pdf_ico Shukova G. V. Inter-Specific Interaction of Person: Results and Prospects of the Study