Natural Sciences. №1(54), 2014


Pdf_ico Antsupova T. P., Endonova G. B., Masur L. V., Pavlova E. P. Problems of Studying Medicinal Plants of Zabaikalye
Pdf_ico Butina N. A. Systematic Analysis of Elms Flora in the Eastern Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Кayukovа S. N. Phytocoenotical Particularities of Dunce’s Caps (orpine) (Orostachys spinosa) in Conditions of Eastern Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Popova O. A. Structural Adaptations of Some Early Blooming Plant Leaves in Eastern Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Tsyrenova D. Yu., Kasatkina A. P. Structure Adaptations of Amur Bank Plants to the conditions of existence


Pdf_ico Baklanov P. Ya., Romanov M. T. A Geopolitical Position of Pacific Russia at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Pdf_ico Vikulov V. E. Baikal Experience of Innovative Ecological and Economic Development (Historical Analysis of Geotechnical and Management Decisions)
Pdf_ico Gladky Yu. N., Kornekova S. Yu. Geography of Consumption as underrated Branch of Scientific Knowledge
Pdf_ico Zabortseva T. I., Ignatova O. A. Geography of Construction Industry of Siberia: updated Characteristics and Prospects of Development
Pdf_ico Sinitsa S. M. Ust-Kara Basin (Stratigraphy, Paleontology, Paleoreconstructions)
Pdf_ico Sharygin M. D., Lyadova A. A. Geographical Aspects of Cultural Innovations


Pdf_ico Gorlachyov V. P., Gorlachyova Yu. P. Some Aspects of the Amur Sleeper Biology (Perccottus glenii) – Alien Specie in the River Shilka Basin
Pdf_ico Krivenkova I. F. Zooplankton in Waterways of the River Boguziya Basin in Mogocha District of Zabaikalsky Krai
Pdf_ico Gorlachyova Yu. P. Food of Siberian Stone Loach Barbatula toni (Dybowski, 1869) from the Rivers of Zabaikalsky Krai

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Gorina K. V. Academic Career of Professor V. M. Bulayev
Pdf_ico Gorlachev V. P., Zolotareva L. N., Itigilova V. Yu., Lokot L. I., Pronin N. M. In memory of B. A. Shishkin
Pdf_ico Korsun O. V. New Issue of the Red Book of Zabaikalsky Krai (animals)

Human and Animal Physiology

Pdf_ico Alfonsova E. V., Zabrodina L. A. Role of Acidosis in the Mechanisms of Formation of Multiple Organ Failure (MOF)


Pdf_ico Beshetskaya A. A. Estimation of Territory Current Condition for the Bioengineering Measures System Creation (on the example of the South of Amur-Zeya Interfluve)
Pdf_ico Zvereva G. K. Influence of Long Protective Regime on the Vegetation of Degraded Pasture Phytocenosis of the Ob Forest-Steppe
Pdf_ico Fomenko A. S., Dulin A. F. Effect of Growth Regulating on Seed Germination of Larix Gmelinii (Larix gmelinii (Rupr.) Rupr.)
Pdf_ico Tsandekova O. L., Sedelnikova L. L. Contents of the Common Sulphur in the Leafs of Perennial Plants in the Conditions of Novosibirsk