Philology, History, Oriental Studies # 2 (37), 2011


Pdf_ico Eylbart N. V. «From Beijing to Moscow». Sven Hedin’s Transbaikalia Impressions
Pdf_ico Shagdurova I. N. The Buryats on the Public Service of the Russian Empire
Pdf_ico Florya А. V. Order of the Words in the Fictional Text
Pdf_ico Ulzytueva А. I. Using Phraseological Units in the Process of Creation Prerequisites for Bilingual Children Linguistic and Cultural Competence
Pdf_ico Trufanova I. V. About One Fact of an Author’s Punctuation in V. V. Nabokov’s Novel «Lolita»
Pdf_ico Trofimova S. M. On the Grammatical Origin of Genitive in Mongolian Languages
Pdf_ico Tagarova T. B. To Language and Culturalogical Characteristics of Buryat Phraseological Units with Numerals
Pdf_ico Snigireva T. A., Podchinenov A. V. From the Consent – to the Dispute: Holy Writ Epigraph in Russian Literature of the XIX–XX centuries
Pdf_ico Smirnova A. I. The Literary Tradition and «The Epistolary Diary» by V. P. Astafyev
Pdf_ico Sergeeva N. M. The East Slavonic Phraseology in the Light of Human Intellectual Faculties Images (the Concepts «the Human Intellectual Faculties»)
Pdf_ico Pimenova M. V. Descriptive Method of Conceptual Structures (by the Example of the Concept надежда)
Pdf_ico Palikova T. V. Formation and Structure of the Public Authorities in Towns of Zabaikalye in the Last Third of the 19th – the Beginning of 20th Century
Pdf_ico Mamedkhanova N. J. The Interrelation of Balzac and Dostoevsky Realism
Pdf_ico Makarichev F. V. Polylogue of Drama Directions and Genres in Dostoevsky’s Poetics
Pdf_ico Kudryavtseva А. А. Peculiarity of Compatibility of the Mythic Proper Names which Converted to Appellative Names
Pdf_ico Kondratyeva O. N. Concept Soul in the Mirror of the Ornithological Metaphor
Pdf_ico Ignatovich T. Ju. Characteristic Features of Modern Russian Dialects Consonantism of the North Russian Origin in the Territory of East Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Zhamsaranova R. G. The Oikonym Formant –oi in the System of Geographical Proper Names of Eastern Transbaikalia
Pdf_ico Gorshkova E. A. Contemporary Tendencies in Studying History and their Refraction within School Education
Pdf_ico Golovanova E. I. Identity Principle in Modern Scientific Discourse (by the Example of the Text of Dedication to Book)
Pdf_ico Voronova L. V. Estimative Scales and their Application in Written Speech Testing of Foreign Students
Pdf_ico Butilskaya L. V. Implementation of Suggestive-Magical Function of the Language in the Texts of Exorcism (Incantation) and Advertisement
Pdf_ico Badmayeva L. B. The Principles of Construction the Old Mongolian Texts
Pdf_ico Akhmetova M. N. The Metasubject Approach in Text Interpretation
Pdf_ico Ahmetova G. D. The Live Drawing
Pdf_ico Alefirenko N. F. Phraseological Value in the Light of Frame Semantics
Pdf_ico Akimova T. P. The Reflection of the Conventions of Epistolary Communication in Russian Private Writing: the Methods of Communicative Pragmatic Description.

Scientific Reports

Pdf_ico Tsinkovskaya J. V. А Metaphorical Verbal Chain as a Means of an Artistic Image Creation in Fiction
Pdf_ico Terekhova E. S. The Landscapes’ Role in K. G. Paustovskiy’s Works
Pdf_ico Saprykina T. V. Aesthetical Ideal of K. G. Paustovskiy: Beautiful in the Nature
Pdf_ico Romanenko T. A. Elements Signs of Russian Concept Cердце and German Concept Herz
Pdf_ico Prineslik E. A. The Elements of the Magical Realism in Ana Castillo’s writing (on the Novels «Sapogonia» and «So Far From God» Material).
Pdf_ico Popova G. B. «Image of the Reader» as a Constructive Element of a Language Composition of Modern Russian Prose (Referring to the Subjectivation of Author’s Narration)
Pdf_ico Ignatovich M. V. Translation of the Culture Specific Intertextual Elements: Teleo-Axiological Approach (Terry Pratchett’s Novels by the Example).
Pdf_ico Evdokimova A. A. Notional Characteristics of the Concept Hatred in the Russian and English Languages
Pdf_ico Goryanova L. N. Wisdom as a Gift from God (Based on Concepts Мудрость and Wisdom)
Pdf_ico Golovach K. Yu. The Peculiarities of Conceptualization of Love in the Works of A. S. Pushkin and M. Yu. Lermontov (Based on the Group of Characters’ Features)
Pdf_ico Gadzhieva A. H. Features of Spatial Cases and Postpositions of the Avar Language
Pdf_ico Burenina Y. S. Research Approaches to the Informative Regulating Texts in French.
Pdf_ico Bulavina N. A. Author’s Intention Determining the Usage of Lexical Means Expressing Deontic Modality in Memoirs and its Role in Translation (a Study of Bill Clinton’s book «My life» and Madeleine Allbright’s Book «Madam Secretary»)
Pdf_ico Bogomolova M. V. Portraits in the Novel «Chevengur» by A. Platonov (the Problem of Visualization of Platonov’s artistic world)
Pdf_ico Bogdanova A. G. The Social Features of the Russian Concept Вежливость (Politeness) and the German Concept Höflichkeit (Politeness) (in the Works of Russian and German Writers).