Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology # 3 (38), 2011

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Pdf_ico Abakumov Yu. G. Evariste Galois. To Bicentenary Anniversary


Pdf_ico Chernyshova T. A.,Kalashnikov I. Ye., Volochko A. T., Astapchik S. A. The Nanoconstruction of Aluminum Matrix Composite Materials Produced by Reaction Casting
Pdf_ico Kholodovsky S. Ye. On the Solution of Boundary Value Problems in Half-space Limited Multilayer Film
Pdf_ico Kholodovsky V. Ye., Sidorov A. A. A Dynamic Model and the Dispersion Relations for Binary Cubic Lattice of the CsCl Type
Pdf_ico Kholodovsky V. Ye., Sidorov A. A., Machikhina I. O Calculation of Heat Capacity and Mean-square Displacements in the Phonon Spectra for Rare Gases
Pdf_ico Sidorov A. A., Kholodovsky V. Ye., Kulchenkov Ye. A., Shchelokov A. V., Kanaykina K. V The Distribution of Electron Density and Lattice Dynamics of Lithium Fluoride on X-ray Data
Pdf_ico Syed Naseem Hussain Shah, translation: Arkhincheev V. Ye. (Н и Не) Atomic State Energy Estimation by Variation Method in Linear and Nonlinear Approximation
Pdf_ico Nikiforov S. O., Markhadaev B. Ye., Nikiforov B. S. The Analysis of Approaches Similarity to the Description of Celestial Bodies Movements Made by the Medieval East Mechanic At-Tusi and Cycloidal Manipulators in Mechatronics
Pdf_ico Medegey M. B. On the Estimate of Approximation Opportunity of One Class Operators
Pdf_ico Mencher A. E. On the Issue of Discrete Arbitral Procedures with Weighted Players
Pdf_ico Malakeeva M. Yu., Arkhincheev V. Ye. Calculation of Local Current and Field Division in the Stratified Medium under Quantum Hall Effect Conditions
Pdf_ico Mazalov V. V.,Tokareva J. S. Equilibrium in Bargaining Models with the Fixed Prices
Pdf_ico Kalinin A. V., Ruder D. D. Characterization of Critical Parameters of the Beginning of Plastic Deformation in the FCC Crystal in the (111) < 110 > System
Pdf_ico Ivanov M. S., Illarionov A. I. Second Harmonic Generation in Uniaxial Crystals by Focusing the Fundamental Radiation of Real Plano-convex Lens
Pdf_ico Zabelin S. F., Dorozhkov А. А. Perfection of Technology of Reception of Metal Implants of Biomedical Appointment
Pdf_ico Zabelin A. A., Konovalchikova Ye. N. On a Mutual Choice Problem
Pdf_ico Yefimova I. A. On the Efficient Solution of the Third Boundary Value Problems in Circular Domains
Pdf_ico Gizelter R. A. Building Materials & Structures Based on Advanced Polymer Nanostructured Matrix
Pdf_ico Gasumov R. A., Tolpaev V. A., Kondrenko O. S. Derivation of Equations Set for the Approximate Calculation of the Drilling Fluid Temperature in the Permafrost Well .
Pdf_ico Voronin M. S., Merzhievsky L. A. Model of Quasi-static and Dynamic Deformation of Elastomers
Pdf_ico Vasin A. A., Gusev A. G. On the Tssue SFE Correspondence to Expected Behavior at the Uniform Price Auction?
Pdf_ico Berezin S. Ya., Kurbatova L. S., Leonov V. N. The History of Inventions Auxiliary Equipment for Thread-cutting and Assembly Operations
Pdf_ico Batukhtina I. Yu., Batukhtin A. G. Restrictive Inequalities Derived from Checkerboard Lattice
Pdf_ico Akhmetov I. G. Mathematical and Algorithmic Software of Automation Tasks of University Strategic Management
Pdf_ico Arhincheev V. Ye., Baklanov M. R. Low Dielectric Constant Materials in Micro- and Nanoelectronics .
Pdf_ico Abakumov Yu. G., Batyrova R. R., Verkhoturova M. A., Kogan Ye. S. About Extremal Problem of Approximation Theory

Scientific Reports

Pdf_ico Yakovleva G.M. On Construction of the Singular Points of the Po-tentials on Piecewise Homogeneous Plane with the Inclusion of Film
Pdf_ico Shadrina N. N. Solution of the Neumann Problem in the Half Plane with a Crack (Screen)
Pdf_ico Tupjakova A. A. Boundary Value Problems in Two-layered Aniso-tropic Half-plane with Singular Points of the Potential in the Lower Layer
Pdf_ico Lyamina O. S. About Some Approximation Constants in Estima-tions of Approximant by Operators of Baskakova M[1](k) n и M[2](k1, k2) n of Functions of Lipα Class
Pdf_ico Ignatyeva N. V. The Construction of Harmonic Functions on the Plane with a Composite Film of a Crack-screen Type
Pdf_ico Zimnyakova A. S. The Construction of the Potentials on Piecewise Homogeneous Anisotropic Plane with a Parabolic Line Interface
Pdf_ico Zelensky V. A., Ankudinov A. B., Alymov M. I., Zabelin S. F. Application of Acoustic Emission Method to Powder Materials Sintering
Pdf_ico Dolgov S. V. Application of Trigonometric Operators of Baskakov to Some Questions of Calculation of Digital Filters
Pdf_ico Gurimskaya I. A. On the Efficient Solution of Boundary Value Problems in Inhomogeneous Fields Plane
Pdf_ico Venslavsky V. B. Physical Foundations of Electronic Systems Modeling
Pdf_ico Buzunov P. A. Ranking of the Official Websites of World Universities as a Me-thod of Rating by the Presence in the Internet
Pdf_ico Bordonskiy G. S. Negentropy of E. Schrodinger, Bare Skin and Evolution
Pdf_ico Yumozhapova N. V., Arkhincheev V. Ye. Asymptotic Solution of Generalized Diffusion Equation of Fractional Order on Time