Natural Sciences # 1 (42), 2012


Pdf_ico Alekseeva E. V., Buyantueva L. B. Developmental Biology of Astragalus mongholicus Bunge
Pdf_ico Dudnikov P. S. Introduction of Viola L. Genus Species in Eastern Zabaikalye
Pdf_ico Makarov V. P., Pomazkova N. V., Zhelibo T. V New sites of Calypso bulbosa (L.) Oakes and Epipogium aphyllum (F. W. Schmidt) Sw. in the Zabaikalsky krai
Pdf_ico Nikiforova Yu. V. Anatomical and Morphological Structure of Asparagus brachyphyllus Turcz. (Liliaceae Juss.) in Eastern Zabaikalye
Pdf_ico Popova O. A. Rare Species of Early Flowering Plants in Eastern Zabaikalye and Their Protection..
Pdf_ico Sedelnikova L. L. The Age Structure of Cenopopulations of Erythronium sibiricum (Liliaceae) in the Tomsk Region
Pdf_ico Chernova O. D. Floristic Structure Analysis of Communities with Quercus mongolica Fisch. ex Ledeb. in Eastern Zabaikalye


Pdf_ico Bezrukov L. A. Borderland Interaction within Inner Asia under Conditions of Continentality and Economic Asymmetry
Pdf_ico Radnaev B. L., Mikheeva A. S. The Geographical Conception of Socio-economic Development of Baikal Borderland.
Pdf_ico Ermolenko E. E. Socio-demographic Characteristics of the Territorial Organization of the Urban Educational System (on the example of Chita General Secondary Schools)
Pdf_ico Tomskikh A. A. Instruments of Modernization of the Professional Education System in the Territorial Development Strategy of Russia


Pdf_ico Krivenkova I. F., Sheveleva N. G., Evstigneeva T. D. Zooplankton in the Chara River Basin Waterways on the Udokan Mountain Range Territory (Kalarsky Region of Zabaikalsky Krai)
Pdf_ico Tagirova V. T., Lapin A. S., Ryabkova A. V. Seasonal Population Dynamics and Biotopical Distribution of Small Meadow-Field Rodents in Khabarovsk Environs

Scientific Life

Pdf_ico Tsibekmitova G. Ts. The 30th Anniversary of the Institute of Natural Resources, Ecology and Cryology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Pdf_ico Tsibekmitova G. Ts. Aleksey Borisovich Ptitsyn – Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, outstanding specialist in Experimental and Theoretical Geochemistry

Human and Animal Physiology

Pdf_ico Dzhapova V. V., Starodubov S. M., Golichenkov V. A. Number Dynamics of Dermal Melanophores in Xenopus laevis larvae at the Early Stages of Development
Pdf_ico Zabrodina L. A., Alfonsova E. V. The Role of Metabolic Acidosis in the Development of Hemostasis System Disorders and the Occurrence of DIC-syndrome in Critical Condition Patients.
Pdf_ico Bankin V. N., Konnov A. V., Konnov V. M. Differences in the Functional Readiness of Sportsmen in the Preparatory Period
Pdf_ico Vertiprakhov V. G., Shelomentseva O. P., Butenko M. N., Andreeva O. T. The Effect of Complex Protein Additive on the Animal Organism.
Pdf_ico Dashieva D. A. The Influence of Electromagnetic Radiation on the Cardiovascular System and Psychophysiological Indices of Children Aged 15–16
Pdf_ico Stasyuk O. N. The Effect of Nootropics on the Acid-Base Balancein Rats with Oxygen Deficiency


Pdf_ico Burnashova N. N., Dabizha O. N. The Synthesis and Structure of Guanidinium Ditsitratoborate
Pdf_ico Dabizha O. N., Khatkova A. N., Derbeneva T. V. The Influence of Mechanical Activation on the Acid-base Properties of Zeolite-containing Rocks in the Trans-Baikal Region
Pdf_ico Letunov V. I., Kulakova A. A. The Study of the Kinetics of the Reaction between Benzilidenanilin and Antipyrine


Pdf_ico Valova E. E., Tsybenov Yu. B., Tsybikova E. V. Heavy Metals Influence on Soil Enzymatic Activity
Pdf_ico Buyantueva L. B., Alekseeva E. V. Chemical Composition and Nutritional Value of Steppe Plants in Buryatiya
Pdf_ico Kopylova L. V. Assessing the Level of Soil Contamination with Heavy Metals and the Intensity of Their Absorption by Woody Plants
Pdf_ico Milkheev E. Yu., Tsybikova E. V., Valova E. E. СО2 Emission Intensity by the Selenga Delta Soils in the Baikal Region
Pdf_ico Solodukhina М. А., Yurgenson G. A., Lushnikova A. Yu. Arsenic in Natural Geochemical Anomaly Plants of the Zabaikalsky Krai (Illustrated by Sherlovogorskу Ore Area)
Pdf_ico Zvyagintseva O. Yu. Air Quality Assessment According to Betula pendula Roth Fluctuating Asymmetry